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j-tech cnc technology co., a new high-tech enterprise specialized in the research & development, production, marketing and service of precision machining equipment with automation and intelligence, the products of which penetrate into all aspects of machining, mainly for the automobile, shipbuilding, rail transmit, wind power generation, consumer electronics, 3c industry, medical equipment, hardware and tooling industries to provide all kinds of high-end intelligent and numerical control equipment of high-speech and precise cnc machines, and also provide the integrated solutions and all process supporting service.

the company was founded in 1997, located in fengze district of quanzhou city;in order to realize the sustainable development of the company, it invested to construct fujian j-tech industrial park in 2010. the park covers an area of 270 mu with the first phase land of 140 mu and the second phase of 130 mu. the company invested over rmb 300 million in the first phase project, and had completed the factory buildings of 60000 m2, office buildings and r & d center construction which were put into use in the autumn of 2012; the second phase project is expected to be started and put into operation recently. it strives to build a r & d manufacturing center famous in china of high-end numerical-controlled machine tools and core functional components.  

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j-tech industrial park, chaoyang disrict of xihuan road, shuangyang subdistrict, luojiang region, quanzhou city
free service hotline:
400 8385 881(mobile phone dialing)
800 8585 881(fixed phone dialing)

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